Our client relationships form the heart of our business. Through dedicated and continued interaction with our clients we have over time come to know them personally, and have grown to better understand their objectives, and requirements. We can identify where you as our client currently finds yourself in your financial life: Whether you are for example in the starting blocks or nearing retirement. Pentagon Financial Solutions PTA (Pty) Ltd endeavours to work with you, as our client, in order to better you to achieve your dreams and goals in every stage of your life.

An introduction to the solutions for your financial needs is made in the five life stages we have identified. It is however important to remember that each client is unique and it is, therefore, in your own interest to have a discussion with your financial planner, to enable him/her to conduct a proper analysis and make appropriate recommendations in order to address your specific needs. In general the following graph is applicable:


We pride ourselves in our ability not to sell products, but rather to address financial planning needs on a holistic basis, allowing us to integrate all relevant information. This enables us to provide our clients with appropriate advice that best addresses their needs and aspirations. Generic financial planning frameworks need always to be adapted to account for not only changes in the client’s needs throughout his/her life, but also for changes to the economic environment. Pentagon Financial Solutions PTA (Pty) Ltd is therefore in the business of lifelong partnerships with our clients.