Our philosophy

The specific needs of an individual client can only be established through properly structured and continued interaction with that client.  The foundation of Pentagon Financial Solutions PTA (Pty) Ltd.’s, business is therefore a professional and dedicated focus on client interaction. We pride ourselves in our ability to render advice and intermediary services within the letter and spirit as contained in the FAIS Act, and specifically the General Code of Conduct.

We are not product driven, but rather aim to provide clients with the most appropriate financial and insurance solutions available in the market place.

We are dedicated, through on-going education, hard work and integrity, to maintain a professional and ethical approach in discharging our duties in the financial services industry, which ultimately results in a value proposition to our clients, and indeed all role players in the financial services industry. We continue to educate and inform our clients on understanding how markets work, and how it impacts on their individual investment portfolios.