About us

Pentagon Financial Solutions PTA (Pty) Ltd is an authorised Financial Services Provider. The company is an independent financial services group which employs a number of highly qualified financial advisors, who each individually have an average of 20 years relevant industry experience. These advisors are assisted by a dedicated team of administrative personnel and supported by the best information systems and software available in the market. As such we provide financial advice and intermediary services to our extensive client base, strictly within the conditions of our FSB licence, and in terms of the stipulations of the “Code of Conduct” of the FAIS Act. We focus on Wealth Creation and –Preservation, matching client’s needs with risk adjusted solutions.

As part of the holistic approach followed in assessing our client’s needs, we inter alia recognise the need for proper tax and estate planning and the implementation of the necessary structures and financial products to give effect to this. Pentagon Financial Solutions PTA (Pty) Ltd is licensed to provide a broad range of financial products and services, both locally and abroad, and therefore we pride ourselves in our ability to not sell products, but rather to address financial planning needs on an integrated basis. In this process, specialised investment services is inter alia provided through Associated Portfolio Solutions and estate planning and winding up of estates through APS Fiduciary Services.

Pentagon’s highly skilled team is recognised in the industry for its comprehensive financial planning abilities, as well as its extensive understanding of the economic landscape and the philosophy and process of active management. But Pentagon is, more importantly, also appreciated by long-standing clients who have had extended relationships with the respective financial advisors.